3 of the Best Skin Care Ingredients Already in Your Home

If you want truly great skin, you may not have to venture very far. Look in your kitchen cupboard. Do you have coconut oil? Great. Now head to the medicine cabinet, or better yet, the garden. Do you have aloe or an aloe plant around? Even better! Now let’s just add one more ingredient from the kitchen. Vitamin C. These three ingredients are phenomenal for skin care.

What? You were expecting a chemical name with fifty syllables? Sorry. Let’s look at why these ingredients are really and truly amazing skin care components.

Coconut Oil

We could write a book about how amazing this stuff is. Luckily, Sharon Daniels already did that – if you haven’t read it yet, its called Coconut Oil Cures, and it’s on Amazon. But back to the topic at hand. Coconut oil has a lot of healing properties. You probably already know that oils are great moisturizers. Coconut oil offers other benefits, though – it is antifungal and antibacterial. Not only will it help keep your skin moist, but it also keeps it safe from infection. Nice, right?

Coconut oil is comedogenic, so if you have acne, don’t use moisturizers that contain it on acne prone areas. DO use it in scrubs and washes, however. The antibacterial properties can help kill the bacteria responsible for acne.

Oh, and it also makes a great conditioner for your hair.


Many families keep aloe plants on hand for burns, but the plant’s salve is good for more than first aid. We actually use it in many of our products. It is a natural calming and soothing component for the skin. Aloe actually improves skin’s texture and elasticity. The juice of this plant also encourages your body to renew skin cells. Go figure. Tiny plant, powerful skin care component.

Vitamin C

We know what you’re thinking. Why vitamin C? Isn’t that just something I take when I feel a cold coming on? Not quite. Chances are that you’ve heard how sailors used to suffer from a condition called scurvy – painful, and ugly, it was thought to reopen all old wounds in the skin – and they cured it with citrus fruits. Vitamin C is the component that made the citrus cure effective. Why? Because this crucial vitamin helps in collagen synthesis.

You read that right. Collagen.

Vitamin C does more than help in collagen synthesis, though. Vitamin C is a powerful age-fighting skin care ingredient. It has been proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. We use Vitamin C in some of our products, like FreshFace.

There you have it. Three potent skin care ingredients that are probably already in your home. Keep an eye on the blog – we’ll post more in the future!


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