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Get to Know EBN

Few things drive a woman to healthy lifestyle choices as forcefully as pregnancy and motherhood. Faced with a skin care market that offered little apart from chemicals and animal-derived ingredients, Taseen knew something had to change. As a mother of four young girls, she didn’t want her daughters growing up in a world where being beautiful meant harming yourself and other living things. Earthen Beauty Naturals was born from her love.

Knowing that many chemicals in cosmetics are banned from foods, and that even ‘natural’ ingredients were often animal by-products, Taseen set out on a quest to find something better. She researched the ingredients of major skin care products and realized that many could be derived from plants. Those that couldn’t often mimicked the effects of natural herbal remedies. Taseen set out to use her knowledge to benefit others – including her daughters.

Earthen Beauty Naturals began with research, and ended with the creation of natural and organic skin care products. The results are better than traditional brands, thanks to the efforts of a team of scientists in the wind-powered laboratory that makes our products. Our skin care line is exclusively manufactured here in the USA, to reduce our carbon footprint. We use sustainable materials, and sustainable practices, with no animal testing or animal by-products. Many of our products contain Kosher certified ingredients, and all are biodegradable.

From Plant Stem Cells to botanically-derived Hyaluronic Acid, our skin care line is full of powerful plant-based ingredients. We’ve learned that quality comes from care, and each of our products is tested and reviewed extensively to ensure efficacy.

Natural and organic skin care with a positive impact on the planet – that’s Earthen Beauty Naturals