Is Natural Beauty Better?

You’ve heard it a million times. Natural beauty is better.  Even Vogue Magazine recently published an article on the virtues of natural, vegan, raw, and organic skin care. But WHY? We like to think that there are multiple reasons that natural beauty is better, and we’ve decided to go ahead and share them with you. Read on for more!


Ok, you knew this was coming. The planet is a pretty big reason to opt for natural and organic skin care. After all, much of what goes into most commercial skin care lines is actually derived from petroleum, or made in unsustainable ways. You’d be surprised how much damage the skin care industry has wreaked on our little speck of dust. After all, most skin care products are really chemical soup.
Your Skin

Here’s one reason you might not have considered – much of what goes on your skin goes into your body. Something like 64% of what you put on your skin goes INSIDE OF YOUR BODY. Let’s put it to you another way – Would you want to EAT conventional skin care products? Didn’t think so. That brings up another point actually – did you know that many of the ingredients in traditional skin care are actually carcinogenic? Quite a few other promote serious allergic reactions.

Here’s a fun fact for you: People use sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, right? But get this – many conventional sunscreens contain known carcinogens!

It Works

This is the most obvious answer. You don’t pick skin care just on ethics, and we don’t make skin care products because they sound nice and are Earth-friendly. The truth is, natural skin care WORKS. Why spend a fortune to by chemical-laden conventional products when you can buy proven natural skin care products for the same price, or less?

There you have it. Save your planet, look great, and yeah – don’t get sick from what you put on your body. Sounds like natural and organic is the way to go, right?

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