Keep It Natural and Organic

Earthen Beauty Naturals is committed to making minimum negative impact on the planet, but maximum positive impact on your skin. You might be wondering why we use natural, sustainable, and frequently organic raw materials. The answer is simple. We believe inner beauty is part of outer beauty.

Natural, plant-based ingredients are powerful. They are equally as effective, if not more so, than their synthetic counterparts. Chemical components in standard skin care can actually harm your skin and your health over time. Many are even banned from use as food additives. Do you want to put something on your face that the law prevents form being put in your food?

Organic is more than just a way of growing foodstuffs. We use organic and local components whenever possible for a few key reasons. We know that :

  • Your skin is like a sponge – what you put on it is absorbed into your body.
  • Less pollution is created by sourcing local ingredients

And by using local, organic and natural ingredients, we can:

  • Keep harmful pesticides off your skin and out of your body
  • Support the local economy

Many companies today use the term natural, or naturally-derived. That doesn’t mean much. Neither do organicky, organix, or other cute versions of the word ‘organic.’ You’ve got a right to know what goes on – and as a result, into – your body. That’s why we use natural and organic ingredients, and tell you exactly what they are.

Be confident, be beautiful, and do it without harming yourself or the planet. Trust in Earthen Beauty Naturals.