Secrets of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil isn’t just great for skin care. In addition to taking great care of your skin, you can do amazing things with coconut oil. This former nutrition bad boy’s reputation is improving courtesy of the medium chain fatty acids it contains, even though it is a saturated fat. That said, if you’re supposed to lay off the saturated fats because your doctor told you to, don’t delve into coconut oil with reckless abandon. Ask your doctor’s advice first.

Coconut oil contains some wonderful components,like lauric acid. It may actually have weight loss benefits, and it definitely ups the flavor on almost any dish. Even people who dislike coconut flavor may enjoy the delicate sweetness of this oil. Don’t use refined coconut oil, though. You want raw, organic, unprocessed coconut oil. It yields the max health benefits, and is a more versatile cooking ingredient, too.

For most people, coconut oil can be a great cooking ingredient, skin care treatment, hair care product, and even diaper cream. We could write lists and lists of the benefits this potent natural ingredient offers, but we love the list Wellness Mama threw together on her blog, and it says almost everything we would. Check it out at

By the way, we love Wellness Mama – she offers great tips for anyone aiming to live a natural and healthy lifestyle, and for those who love doing things from scratch, too!


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